Los Angeles, CA

As Cardi B continues her industry takeover, many people are seemingly drooling at the thought of potential beef with fellow superstar rapper Nicki Minaj.

Earlier this week, as Minaj was talking to Zane Lowe, she admitted she was hurt by some of Cardi’s comments regarding their shared “MotorSport” single for Migos.

But during an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106 on Thursday (April 12), the pregnant Cardi didn’t touch on any of that. Instead, she talked about Invasion Of Privacy and how she still reads nasty comments about herself online.

“It is torture,” she said. “It depends on the situation. People are bipolar. I really hate saying corny shit but I be saying shit like, ‘I’m the bitch people love to hate.’ I think people have an addiction on hating. For example, if there’s somebody you don’t like, you don’t have to go to their Instagram. But I think they like that feeling of hating you. It’s like, ‘Oh, I need negativity today.'”

When asked about the Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, she used it as an opportunity to speak out against the paparazzi and gossip blogs.

“[She should] listen to Invasion of Privacy,” she said. “I think it will help her bring down some tears. I really feel for her ’cause there’s nothing more annoying when something like that is in the public eye. This is what I don’t like about these blogs and these paparazzi. This woman is pregnant, and to bring that kind of stress to a pregnant woman is heartbreaking and it’s dangerous as well. Nobody cares. Nobody has the heart to just be like, ‘Let’s just chill.’ No, it’s all about the money or all about the click-baits.”

Cardi then opens up about what she misses most about her pre-fame life and how she handles all the negativity. [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

“It’s hard for me to deal with it,” she admits. “I couldn’t really tell you how. Everybody just gives me advice around me. So, it’s like, ‘You right, you right. I’m special. Yeah, you right, they hating on me because they don’t have anything going on for themselves.’ But it’s real hard. Everybody says that’s the price you pay for fame. I don’t get why I have to pay. I didn’t sign up for this shit.

“[I miss] having my own privacy, being able to say what I want. Like I feel like I have to censor myself. People always want to make shit racist, homophobic … it’s ridiculous.”