Philadelphia, PA – Although Meek Mill won’t be getting out of prison soon, his appeal process may have just been expedited.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court denied an emergency motion for bail — typically considered a last-ditch effort for criminal defendants — by Meek’s team on Tuesday (November 28) but the Dreamchaser founder’s team also received some good news. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the appeals court ordered Judge Genece Brinkley — who has been scrutinized for her handling of the case — to rule on a bail petition filed two weeks ago “without further delay.”

The ruling was made just hours after Meek’s representation filed the motion. The petition criticized Brinkley’s lack of response to Meek’s appeals, though the judge legally has 30 days to respond.

“As of this filing, more than 10 days after submission [Brinkley] has taken no action — not even to schedule a hearing — on any petitioner’s motions, and in particular not on the bail motion,” the motion for emergency bail order reads.

While Meek isn’t walking free, his path to freedom has become clearer. The Wins & Losses rapper’s attorneys were pleased with the developments.

Lawyer Peter Goldberger, who was hired due to his expertise in appellate law, said, “This is good news.”

The Superior Court’s order for Brinkley to rule without delay will allow Meek’s team to make some progress in the case. Meek can’t appeal his conviction and sentence to the Superior Court until Brinkley makes her decision on the bail petition that was made two weeks ago.

Meek is currently in prison after receiving a two to four-year sentence for violating his probation. The sentencing has been widely criticized and led to a rally in Philadelphia, prompting a prison visit by civil rights activist Al Sharpton. The case also inspired JAY-Z to pen an op-ed for the New York Times.