Irv Gotti’s got something big in the works with Kanye West. The Murder Inc. co-founder didn’t share any concrete details about their collaboration but made no secrets about his recent meeting with Yeezy in an Instagram post.

“When 2 people like me and Kanye get together. Hip Hop is about to get something enormous,” Gotti wrote. “Like enormous. 2 crazy. Out of the box thinkers. That only thinks about serving the world!! Hahah. Stay Tuned. Great great great meeting of the minds. Like i told him. We have to take a pic of this. #kanyeandgotti shout out to @godsmessenger Thank You My Nigga.”

While Gotti’s message is incredibly vague, the photo should alleviate any concerns that West hasn’t been working during his time outside of the public spotlight in 2017. ‘Ye has been doing his best to keep a low profile since being hospitalized in late 2016 but did make an appearance on CyHi The Prynce’s new single “Dat Side.”

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Although some people believed West’s appearance was his official comeback, the song was actually recorded in September 2016 — months before his infamous concert rant and hospitalization.

Kanye made his return to the stage earlier this month at a Kid Cudi concert in Chicago.