Bow Wow, AKA Shad Moss, doesn’t catch many positive headlines these days, and if recent rumors are true, he’ll be seeing his name in even more stories in the coming weeks.

According to online reports, super-trapper Future may be dating Joie Chavis, the mother of Moss’ child.

In an Instagram post uploaded by TeaTenders_Liv on September 27, it’s alleged that Hendrix was in attendance for Chavis’ birthday celebration, even gifting her a Rolex. “Of course Future was right there to celebrate with his bae,” the caption reads. “That’s him sitting next to her, but he moved because he didn’t want to be on camera.”

It’s important to note, though, that Future never actually appears in the video, nor does he speak, making it difficult to confirm anything official just yet.

Still, Bow Wow appeared to address the gossip via a tweet.

Moss, in a quasi-cryptic tweet from September 27, appears to be referring to the rumor with lyrics referencing “U.O.E.N.O.” — a song on which Future sang the hook.

If the rumor is true, though, this would be the second time that one of Bow Wow’s exes wound up rolling with the “Mask Off” rapper. Seven years after Bow Wow’s split with singer Ciara, rumors — which wound up being true — began to surface that she was dating Future, with whom she had a son.

“I respect her so much. And I’m so proud of her today … I’m really, really proud of her,” Bow Wow stated about their break-up during an interview with Vlad TV in 2016.

It’s unclear if Future and Chavis are in a relationship. But if it’s true, the Instagram caption’s mention of “Future 2/BowWow 0” may have Moss feeling some type of way. Future, riding high off the (mixed) response to his Gap campaign alongside iconic singer Cher, has yet to make any official comment.