Often, die-hard and outspoken fans in the Hip Hop world can discourage others from sharing their true views online. If you’re skeptical about that, go tweet your Top 5 and see how quickly it takes for someone you don’t know to tell you you’re an idiot.

Unfortunately, a lot of strong (and often collective) opinions in the game can keep people away from having some truly engaging conversations. For this reason, Lil B attempted to psych up his audience by offering up a “sorry not sorry” style tweet to launch what he called #hiphophonesty.

According to Lil B, the 1994 song “Thuggish Ruggish Bone,” which was the debut commercial single from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, was only a classic because of the chorus, which was sung by Shatasha Williams.

It’s easy to argue that Bone’s unique — and now iconic — style helped propel the single, which was certified platinum less than a year after its release. This was also demonstrated by the immense success of the EP that followed, Creepin on Ah Come Up, and the remainder of Bone’s releases throughout the ’90s.

There were few direct responses to his comment, as a large portion of his fanbase may have missed out on the pre-E. 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs era. However, fans of the fast-rapping quintet felt the need to defend the song.

Lil B, who recently borrowed the instrumental from Bone’s massive hit “Crossroads” for “My House” on Black Ken, is known to threaten curses on those who appear to be shading anyone considered a legend in the game. He quickly issued a retraction.

While his “truth” was light-hearted, it did inspire others on his timeline to share their #hiphophonesty, apparently viewing Based God’s timeline as a safe space.

While it has yet to reach viral status, Lil B seems to be keeping the movement going.

Do you have an honest opinion you’d like to share? Hit the comment section.

(And good luck getting “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” out of your head today.)