An all too familiar debate was brought up as Migos and Lil Yachty swapped questions as part of NME’s “Band vs Band” series.

The quartet of Atlanta wordsmiths concluded their candid chat by discussing their picks for the greatest rapper of all time. Their choices for G.O.A.T. floated between André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Z.

Offset’s pick was Outkast rapper André 3000, explaining, “I like him that much as a rapper.”

Takeoff responded by picking Kendrick Lamar, a choice that Yachty later seconded.

Quavo, who was adamant about his pick for Jay Z, revealed that his appreciation for Hov grew with age.

“My mans Jay Z is the greatest rapper right now, bro. Straight up,” Quavo said. “You can’t mess with Jay when it’s time to come play. And on some real shit. It took me a couple of years to grow. And understand that Jay is the guy. I didn’t understand that shit when I was in eleventh grade, twelfth grade. I didn’t understand it.”

The Migos rapper later stressed that “You can’t put the greatest on timing.” Adding that “A nigga can come out tomorrow and be the greatest rapper alive.”

The group of rappers also discussed the future of rap, with Lil Yachty expressing his confidence in their roles in the future of the genre.

“The future of rap, that’s all us … We taking over both waves. We got the streets,” Lil Yachty said.