Rick Ross may have just released his ninth studio album, but one rapper in particular isn’t letting the Miami boss’ history as a correctional officer die easily.

In an emoji-laced tweet sent on March 18, G-Unit’s Tony Yayo appeared to take a subliminal shot at both Ross and James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond.

“A cop shouting out a rat rappers for you. This shit ain’t real,” Tony Yayo wrote.

On his Rather You Than Me track “Idols Become Rivals,” Ross does, in fact, give a shout out to Rosemond.

“Never slippin’, got relationships with the trillest niggas / Tony Draper, J Prince and every Jimmy Henchman,” Ross raps on “Idols Become Rivals.”

Although feuds have since simmered down, Yayo’s beef with Ross, and Rosemond, in particular, runs Mariana Trench-deep.

In 2007, Yayo’s beef with Rosemond hit its peak when the G-Unit rapper allegedly assaulted the businessman-turned-drug trafficker’s son as he was on his way to his father’s Czar Entertainment office.

50 Cent would later reference the infamous slap on “Hold On,” rapping “On the phone I heard Yay’ smacked the shit out a kid / Now Jimmy got life, we’ll smack him again.”

Although any issues between Yayo and Ross likely stemmed from 50 Cent’s lengthy feud with the MMG founder, Yayo wasn’t above taking the occasional opportunity to shade Ross’ C.O. past.

Henchman’s beef with 50, Yayo and G-Unit continues. It was announced in November that he was getting a new murder-for-hire trial for his alleged involvement in the death of G-Unit affiliate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. Speaking with HipHopDX, the mogul said that he is already preparing to drag the feud to court.

“If I am retried on the murder-for-hire, and this is something that me and my attorneys have discussed already, I am 100 percent calling 50 Cent as a witness,” he shared. “The reason I’m doing that is because there is some underlying stuff that happened throughout this whole thing that made them charge me; that made them feel like they could’ve gotten a conviction on me. His name came up in my trial more than it needed to. We will be calling 50 Cent to the stand. If the prosecutors won’t call him, then we will call him because the things they are accusing me of doing to 50 Cent and Tony Yayo definitely didn’t happen. Where they are getting this from is unbeknownst to me.”