A year after Foxy Brown came forward with her
battle with hearing loss, Brown has a positive prognosis from doctors,
who believe she will be fully recovered very soon, post surgery.

Her long delayed next album will be released before the
end of the year. “ Around Christmas Eve, the album will be out”,
Brown said Sunday, after performing with the Jigga man at his
unreal and unmatched 10th Anniversary Reasonable Doubt show.

In December 2005, Brown held a press conference to
discuss the leak in regards to her hearing from someone in her camp. She stated
that it had deteriorated to the point that she needed someone to tap her
shoulder so she could “feel” the beat in the studio. She
announced she was suffering from a severe and sudden sensorineural hearing loss
in both ears.

Brown was distraught to the point of sleepless
nights, questioning her faith and her career as a professional artist, saying “To
suddenly lose your hearing after 10 years as a professional artist, I
questioned God: ‘Why me?’ “

Brown underwent surgery three months ago and
is on her way to having her hearing back. Brown said “I
went straight from the operating room to the studio, it was really hard. I was
deaf for an entire year. Completely deaf. The surgery was iffy. They didn’t
know if it would be a success, and it was.”

Before her hearing loss, Brown had recorded music
with Jay Z and the Neptunes for the album tentatively titled, Black Roses. No word yet on
who she’s working with currently, but Def Jam, says there’s no official
date for the album and the tenative-title is exactly what it sounds like.

July 18, Brown will be on stage for the LIFEbeat’s
Hearts & Voices
AIDS Benefit Concert Series show, Reggae Gold Live
Summer Jump off, to promote HIV and AIDS awareness. The show
will take place at New York’s
famous Webster Hall and also includes Beenie Man, TOK and Wayne