TIP: rapper, actor, entrepreneur.

The Atlanta legend’s latest venture is with the Ghost Recon Wildlands video game, which is due out on PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC on March 7. He helped curate the soundtrack with DJ Skee and appears in the live-action prequel, War Within the Cartel.

“For me, the main thing was, I know how much my kids play video games,” T.I. says of deciding to jump on the project. “I really just did it to have the opportunity for my son to just call me and say, ‘Hey Dad, you’re a part of this?'”

The opportunity itself is practically a family affair as it was presented to him by MyGuyMars, one of TIP’s longtime friends. The 1500 or Nothin’ member also produced “Dope Game,” T.I.’s song on the soundtrack.

I felt it was somewhat befitting,” T.I. says of the cut for a video game about drug cartels.

In the live action film War Within the Cartel, TIP plays Marcus, a man who didn’t plan on selling drugs, but finds himself a member of the Santa Blanca cartel. The story of the film leads up to where Ghost Recon begins. It debuts at 2 p.m. PST today (February 16) on Ubisoft’s Twitch channel.

“Marcus is a money hungry scientist who falls into some very bad company and finds himself working for the cartel to increase product,” he explains. “I guess they’re scientifically trying to take one brick and turn them into three or four.”

What TIP also seems to multiply is his time. He released his Us or Else: Letter to the System album last year (one of HipHopDX’s Best Albums of 2016) and also maintains a busy schedule as an actor and of course, executive, with Grand Hustle. How does he do it?

“It’s sort of like spinning plates while juggling knives,” he says. “It’s very meticulous and it’s difficult to manage and to appropriate time for everything, but we’ve been doing it so long, it’s sort of second nature.”

Watch the live stream with the debut of War Within the Cartel featuring T.I. here at 2 p.m. PST.

Pre-order Ghost Recon Wildlands here.