Fans eager for an update on an upcoming Slaughterhouse album were hit with grim news this week when New Jersey rhymer Joe Budden revealed that there is one particular album from Slaughterhouse that won’t ever see the light of day.

During his “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” podcast, the Slaughterhouse rapper revealed that a previously recorded album featuring unreleased tunes from the Hip Hop super-group won’t be made public.

To add even more salt to the wounds of Slaughterhouse fans, Budden revealed that the project features the best Joell Ortiz verse he’s ever heard in his life.

“That album’s never seeing the light of day … For all of you people that keep wanting a music update, here it is,” Joe Budden said. “That Slaughterhouse project, you’re not getting it … It’s some shit on there. Unfortunately, the best Joell verse that I have ever heard in my entire life is on this album that y’all are never gonna hear. That’s fucked up.”

Budden added that the project is “dark” and “depressing,” and is something even he wouldn’t want to listen to.

“I wanted to take a few of them records … The entire group was in such a dark space when we recorded all of that music,” he said. “It’s a very dark, depressing. I don’t even wanna hear any of that shit. I don’t even rap like that. I don’t wanna rap like that. We would have to record all new verses to put that project out.”

The rapper later provided additional clarification on his comments about the now-buried project, via Twitter.

“No, Joe Budden said THAT PARTICULAR SH ALBUM W 5 YEAR OLD VERSES is never coming out,” he tweeted in response to a news story about his Slaughterhouse album remarks.

Budden’s reveal serves as the heartiest update fans have received in regards to Slaughterhouse, who last dropped a studio album in 2012, given that the rest of the group has remained relatively silent when it concerns the group and any new music.

Last month, KXNG Crooked did make the following request on Twitter: “No more Slaughterhouse questions for me in 2017 ok?”

The West Coast MC added another twist to the story as he quoted our tweet, saying the “grim news” is perhaps “alternative facts.”

Listen to Joe Budden’s “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” show talking about an old Slaughterhouse album below.