KXNG CROOKED released a single called “Gift Rap” yesterday (December 23) in which he addresses the rumors claiming Slaughterhouse broke up.

“Well they asked me did Eminem drop Slaughterhouse,” KXNG CROOKED raps. “Did y’all break up since Joe Budden released ‘Slaughtermouse?‘”

The track repurposes the Just Blaze beat used by Jay Z in “Dear Summer.” The LBC wordsmith uses the soundscape to cut through the speculation around his career.

“They ain’t putting your album out?” CROOKED raps. “Damn these niggas got an attitude. Thought we’d be yo niggas for life, where’s the gratitude. All these questions they pointing them in my direction like the business end of a Smith and Wesson but I ain’t stressing. ”

KXNG CROOKED says he recently visited Eminem in session.

“Just came home, “ KXNG CROOKED raps. “I was in Detroit visiting Marshall’s session, to be in the presence of one of the GOATs is still a blessing, fuck yeah.”

Later in the rap he address Slaughterhouse’s role in the Hip Hop landscape.

“Is it really the end of Slaughter?” KXNG CROOKED raps. “Did them niggas intend to pin the hardest shit in the mainstream and then sacrifice they self to a major label so underground lyricist wouldn’t have to? Is them niggas just some martyrs? We taking no losses. You’re comments are nailing us to four crosses but you didn’t even see the four fins in the water, sharks nigga. I know you want to see the beef but it’s over when you see the teeth.“

The artists formerly known as Crooked I says he’s putting out some uplifting music.

“We pledge allegiance to that slaughter flag and that $20 bill Em gave us to autograph after we signed the Shady contract and became part of his artist staff,” KXNG CROOKED raps. “Why would we stiff you and leave y’all the tab, when we called the cab? No, we out here to give you what you ought to have, uplift you with real shit so everyday ain’t gotta dab.”

He finishes off the track by saying his album will in fact be released.

“Oh yeah that album coming out bitch,” KXNG CROOKED says.

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