Beverly Hills, CA – With seemingly nobody taking her side in the feud against actor Russell Crowe, Azealia Banks was hoping that security footage at the Beverly Hills hotel that she was reportedly booted out of would support her argument. Well, it looks like no security footage can be found, according to TMZ.

Police combed through the surveillance video captured in the hotel, but found nothing relating to the incident. Most of the cameras capture the public areas of the building, but not the room where Banks and Crowe got into it.

The confrontation reportedly took place last weekend when the Harlem MC accompanied RZA to a party that the actor was hosting. Both sides share conflicting stories, but Banks supposedly started becoming verbally aggressive and threatened to cut the guests with her glass, so Crowe grabbed her and tossed her out of the room.

Banks claims that the Gladiator was the instigator and even called her the n-word before giving her the boot. She has filed a battery report against Crowe, but is reportedly not pressing charges.

RZA took Crowe’s side, saying that his guest’s behavior was “unprecedented” as she acted as an “obnoxious erratic individual.” He did say that Crowe spit towards the rapper, but still takes his side over Banks.