While Azealia Banks has outlined her side of the story and even filed a battery complaint against Russell Crowe, no one has yet come forward and verified her version of what went down last Saturday night (October 15) at a party in Crowe’s hotel room in Beverly Hills.

While Banks claims that Crowe called her the n-word, choked her and then threw her out of the party, RZA — the person who originally got Banks invited to the event — alleges that her story is not true and the Slay-Z rapper acted in an “erratic” manner. In a lengthy Facebook post published earlier today, the New York native detailed his recollection of the event and admits that he didn’t hear the award-winning actor use the n-word. Instead, he says that Banks displayed “unprecedented” behavior as she became “loud and obnoxious” and even threatened to cut a girl with her glass. He adds he was “a little embarrassed” to have her there as his guest.

You can read RZA’s full statement below.

RZA Azealia Banks Facebook
RZA Azealia Banks Facebook 2

Following his Facebook post, RZA went on TMZ Live to reiterate his version of the night’s events. In addition to the above, RZA admitted that Crowe did spit at Banks during the confrontation, though his spit never hit her. He also revealed that the police have been in contact with him following the incident to get his side of the story.

You can watch RZA’s full appearance on TMZ Live below.