21 Savage has a swift backhand ready for those who referred to him as “gay” for sitting behind Meek Mill on an ATV ride through Atlanta.

In a video uploaded to social media, the Atlanta rapper, who says he was merely “trying to have fun,” revealed that he’s not here for those questioning his sexuality following his joyride with Meek.

#PressPlay #21Savage x #MeekMill riding around in Atlanta!

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At one point, he even threatened to “slap the fuck out of one of y’all in real life.”

“I’m sick of all these bitch ass mothafuckas always gotta comment and throw they two cents in on some shit, man,” 21 Savage said. “I’ll slap the fuck out of one of y’all in real life. Everything a nigga do, mothafuckas say ‘Oh, he ain’t no savage. He ain’t no street nigga. He on a four-wheeler. He gay’…All I know is fuckin’ drug dealing and killing, nigga. But I’m rapping now nigga, so I’m changing. I’m trying to have fun.”

He continued to take aim at his critics, suggesting that they “delete” him if they have a problem with his raps or his opinions.

“Bitch ass rappers. Bitch ass fans,” he said. “Trying to critique what a nigga do. Suck a dick, bitch…Don’t get this shit twisted, nigga. I’m not what the fuck the rest of these niggas is. Do not get me mixed up with all that shit…I do what the fuck I want to do. And ain’t nobody gonna check me…I rap how I wanna rap. I say what I wanna say. If you don’t like it, nigga delete it. Don’t listen to it. Get off my dick, bitch.”

Video of 21 Savage going off on his haters, is below.