Another artifact from the late great Tupac is up for sale. The most recent item is a bullet-struck pendant that the West Coast legend wore when he was shot at New York’s Quad Studios in 1994, TMZ reports.

Memorabilia dealer Moments In Time is responsible for the sale. The gold pendant, which has a diamond crown encrusted on it and is bent where the bullet hit it, can be purchased for $125,000.

The celebrity news site says that a family member of Tupac’s gave Moments In Time the pendant without the estate’s permission. The estate first voiced its disapproval of the sale of Tupac’s memorabilia when Moments In Time attempted to sell a lyric sheet for “Catchin’ Feelings” back in September. The threat of a lawsuit against anyone who sells a Tupac artifact without the estate’s permission still stands. And the estate says it will pursue legal action against any buyer as well.

Check out photos of Tupac’s bullet-struck pendant below via TMZ.

Tupac pendant