The New York Post is catching heat for its article “exposing” a New York City firefighter as a rapper who goes by the name Ka. The author of the article, Susan Edelman, writes that the Brooklyn lyricist’s songs are “peppered with the N-word, drugs, violence and anti-cop lyrics,” and spoke with members of the NYPD and the FDNY about the content of his raps.

Many in the Hip Hop world already knew about Ka’s alter ego as firefighter Kaseem Ryan. Earl Sweatshirt named his Days With Dr. Yen Lo album as his favorite of 2015. He also was named in HipHopDX’s “10 Rappers We Need To Show More Appreciation” list.

Several came to the Brownsville rapper’s defense, speaking out against the article and characterizing it as shameful, racist and irresponsible journalism.

Ka himself posted vaguely about “hate” yesterday.

Chief among the critics of the piece was Run The Jewels rapper El-P, who went in on the publication in a series of tweets.

Many others added their voices to the outcry, with the creative director from Adult Swin telling Ka he could make music for the TV network if his job as a firefighter was impacted by the story.