Critics and writers always put out their year-end lists but sometimes it’s the artists who have the most interesting picks.

Earl Sweatshirt recently took to Twitter and named which album he thought was 2015’s best. He named Ka’s Days With Dr. Yen Lo and used a page from Kanye West’s playbook in order to do so.

“IMA LET YOU FINISH BUT DR YEN LO WAS THE GREATEST ALBUM OF THIS YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED IF YOU DON’T KNOW NOW YOU KNOW,” he tweeted unprompted. “REAL TALK, I HAVE NO PROBLEM ADMITTING THAT @BrownsvilleKa IS THE BEST RAPPER. HIS ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND OVERALL SKILL LEVEL IS UNCANNY.” He then called people stupid if they needed an explanation from him as to why he believed Ka’s album was best.

The Brownsville rapper reciprocated the love and called Earl, “One of the great writers of this generation.”

“Thank you @earlxsweat that means a lot coming from you,” he tweeted. “I’m honored brother.” Listen to Ka’s Days with Dr. Yen Lo here.

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