In a series of tweets sent yesterday (July 29), Los Angeles, California rapper Earl Sweatshirt contemplated changing his rap name.

In the first tweet the musician sent, Earl revealed that he wants to “change my rap name.” He later went on to clarify the reason behind possibly changing his rap name. According to the Odd Future lyricist, it has nothing to do with the past, and more to do with finding a name that makes him laugh more than Earl Sweatshirt does.

“it’s not about hating my past I just found a flight name that makes me laugh more than earl sweatshirt does,” Earl Sweatshirt tweeted on July 29.

For those eager for the reveal of Earl Sweatshirt’s new rap name, they’ll have to wait for the release of new music from the rapper.

“I ain’t finna tell y’all till I got some music to drop with it. Just be on standby,” he said in a tweet.

There’s no word yet on when Earl Sweatshirt will release any new music. His tweets this week come months after he released his sophomore album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside.