Now that Joe Budden seems to be done beefing with Drake, it looks like he has more free time on his hands … to call out other rappers on Twitter. His competitive nature came to light again Saturday (August 20) as he baited Lupe Fiasco into some Twitter sparring.

After a tweet from a fan that tagged both rappers together, Budden playfully threw some jabs at the Tetsuo & Youth rapper, claiming that Fiasco was afraid of him when it came to both Street Fighter and rapping. A bold claim, to say the least, since Fiasco is a well-known Street Fighter enthusiast, even making headlines in February when he took a surprise win against one of the world’s best players.

The online interaction never went beyond light-hearted joking, with Budden eventually giving Fiasco the win.

“I just love fucking w dude cuz he’s super nice to be honest,” he posted at one point.

Lupe definitely had the best zinger of the back and forth, referencing Budden’s highly publicized beef with Drake with a nod to one of the Toronto rapper’s hits. “Just lemme know when you ready to pick up the… [thinking emoji] …ummm…Controlla!” he wrote.

Check out the full back and forth below, as well as Mickey Factz jumping in to send some more challenges Budden’s way.

Mickey Factz saw the tweets and jumped into a conversation with Budden too.