A recent interview DJ Drama did with The Breakfast Club has rubbed one Atlanta musician the wrong way.

Migos rapper Quavo turned to Twitter to express his upset at Migos being omitted from Drama’s list of Atlanta’s most influential Hip Hop artists. T.I., Jeezy, OutKast, and Young Thug were among the influencers mentioned.

Following Drama’s interview last week, Quavo deemed it “disrespectful” that Migos wasn’t mentioned.

“@DJDRAMA How Dear You MENTION Atlanta Rap Culture And Not Mention Migos We Think That’s Kinda Disrespectful MY UP NORTH BROTHA…@DJDRAMA STILL THO U NOT SAYIN THAT WE HELP THE MOVEMENT AND CULTURE OF MUSIC AND THE WAY IT SOUND TODAY!!! Who’s Cares Who U Bout To Sign,” Quavo wrote in two separate tweets.

Upon stumbling across Quavo’s tweets, DJ Drama initially expressed confusion at the Migos lyricist’s remarks, and later called out the rapper for suffering from a “short memory,” given that he has praised the group in the past.

“@QuavoStuntin lol. Ok yungin. This me dram, same 1 that said the whole rap game took migos style. 1st to bring yll 2 bday bash. Short memory,” DJ Drama wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Tweets from DJ Drama and Quavo’s exchange can be found below.

DJ Drama Quavo 1