Houston rappers came together this week to open accounts at Unity National Bank, the only black-owned bank in the state of Texas.

Hip Hop artists in Houston flexed their financial muscle on Tuesday (July 18) as they opened accounts at the black-owned, Unity National Bank. Artists present included Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Willie D, and Trae The Truth.

CW39 reports that the musicians also met to discuss the recent rise in gun violence and to “create an atmosphere of respect instead of discontent with our law enforcement,” according to Willie D.

The move was praised by a handful of other artists, including T.I. and Killer Mike. Killer Mike, who played a key role in the opening of 8,000 new accounts at Atlanta’s Citizen’s Trust, applauded the men for coming together.

He left the following caption for a photo that features the group of Houston rappers:

“These are my friends and fellow rappers being the change that those who down talk them accuse them of not being. I salute the Rappers in H Town. Thanks for the call Paul Wall. Salutes Johnny Dang for being an ally to the community that u make money with. Special salutes to Brother Deric (Salaam Black man) & Willie D for using the moment to lead our dollars where there shud be. #BankBlackBankSmallBankLocal salutes H Town. Salutes TIP for showing cross south love like we always have & will do! #RIPPimpC”

A photo of Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Willie D, Trae The Truth, and other rappers during their Unity National Bank meetup, can be found below.