Just Blaze says that he and Snoop Dogg are working “extensively” on the Long Beach, California rapper’s forthcoming album. 

I was very excited to find out that that’s the direction he’s taking with this album,” Just Blaze says during an interview with Billboard. “And just coincidentally, some of the stuff that I’ve been working on lately just kind of felt like an updated version of that old Death Row sound, kind of an updated G-Funk. I just started working on these tracks and they had a lot of those similar elements, just felt like newer versions of that feeling.”

Although Snoop Dogg has worked exclusively with producers on some of his albums, including Dr. Dre on 1993’s Doggystyle and Pharrell on 2015’s Bush, Just Blaze says he’s not the only one working on Snoop Dogg’s new project, which he says he’s fine with.



I just like to be involved in a project whether it directly benefits me or not,” he says. “So if somebody has a great song and I have ideas and I feel like I can make the song better, I’m going to offer those ideas. But I think that’s kind of all been part of me and [Snoop] having a better working relationship. The final scope and definition of the project remains to be seen, but I’m just excited. I’ve always been a Snoop fan since Doggystyle and The Chronic, so to get a chance to work with him a little more extensively than just, ‘Here’s a beat,’ has been great.”

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