It has been nearly ten years since DMX released a proper studio album. The last release under his name—2015’s Redemption of the Beastwas outed as a cash grab by a record label who had the rights to handful of Dark Man X songs by his longtime collaborator, Swizz Beatz.

Since Swizz knows best, he made the grand announcement that not only is X putting the finishing the final touches on his long-awaited comeback album, but it has some pretty high-profile features to boot.

“I am truly ultra proud of the steps my brother has been taking to greatness,” the platinum-selling producer said in a month-old Instagram that somehow went under the radar. “Some people think it’s easy to shake unfortunate situations but it’s not! I would love for all the fans to hit up @DMX and show him love for being focused, clean, & ready to earn back his crown. Long live the Dog AKA my brother AKA the Great.? Love you for life!! RR 4 Life!! Let’s get ’em!!Album sounding nice king….. We’re just waiting on DRE & Kanye tracks to wrap up!!!!”

The upcoming collaboration between The Good Doctor and DMX will be the official pairing first between the two rap legends. In 2003, a then little known Kanye West produced the track “Dogs Out” for the former Ruff Ryder’s fifth studio album, Grand Champ.

Check out Swizzy’s IG post about the new DMX album below.