Despite being embroiled in beef, Birdman is still calling Lil Wayne his “son.” Weezy’s beef with the Cash Money Records CEO includes an ongoing $51 million lawsuit over the release of Tha Carter V. In an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning, Birdman explains his position of the feud and says that Cash Money is still in business.

“I think it’s more of a misunderstanding than a money issue,” he says. “If you knew me, I always gave Wayne any and everything he ever wanted. Our train still moving. Drake just put out a album. Nicki in the studio.”

Drake released his VIEWS album Friday (April 29) and reportedly sold 630,000 copies in one night.

Nicki Minaj’s last album was 2014’s The Pinkprint and she recently said she is taking a break from music to work on her acting career. She appears in Barbershop: The Next Cut.

Birdman also points out that Lil Wayne is releasing music without his interference. He teamed up with 2 Chainz for Collegrove in March.

“I always wanted to be a part of my son life anyway, any kind of way possible,” he says. “That’s important to me ’cause I’m a family man. I’m not gonna let this music or this money ever interfere with how I feel about my son. I love him and I’ma do, we gonna figure it out, guaranteed.”

In regards to the release of Tha Carter V, which is the issue at hand in the lawsuit, Birdman says that he never stopped Lil Wayne from releasing the album.

“Wayne’s always been his own boss,” he says. “I never interfered in nothing Wayne wanted to do. I always embraced it. Never, man. Me not putting out Tha Carter V, why wouldn’t I? I’ve got a lot of money invested into Young Money and Wayne, so for me, I want to get some of mine’s back. I would never, I just think there’s been a lot of misconstrued, a lot of shit in a nigga ear, I really believe him as a man and our relationship at some point, and I think the world deserve Tha Carter V. Whatever he wants to do, I’m good with. I ain’t gonna stop him. I’m gonna embrace it. Wayne is a boss, his own boss. I just bagged him up to be a bigger boss. So I would never stop him from doing nothing. He’s still putting out records. I could stop that shit if I wanted to. I ain’t gonna stop him from hustling. We in this for the money. We rap for the money.”

Birdman Calls For Respect From Rick Ross, Trick Daddy & Charlamagne Tha God

Lil Wayne was recently pictured with Rick Ross and Trick Daddy, who have had negative things to say about Birdman. The entrepreneur says he doesn’t take the picture as disrespectful.

“To be honest with you, keeping it one thousand with you, I personally don’t give a fuck about them taking a picture,” he says. “That don’t move me. I’m doing my thing with my crew and my clique and that’s just what it is. I can’t say nothing more or less about that.”

Birdman says he doesn’t know why he had a falling out with the Black Market rapper. He says that he considers Ross family as well, but doesn’t understand why he spoke negatively about him to The Breakfast Club. Ross sent the radio hosts cases of Belaire after they questioned Birdman demanding to respect his name and Birdman walked out of his interview.

“Me and Ross was like brothers, every day, hanging together,” he says. “They’re one of the reasons we came to Miami ’cause them niggas embraced us so strong when we came out here. Really, though I don’t feel, I don’t know what his call was to even get into me and my son’s business. That’s my son. So whatever business me and him have, that’s my son. That shit gonna work itself out. I have the upmost respect for Ross. We come up, I taught him a lot of game in this shit. He watched my pimpin and he went and did his own thing with it as being a hustler, but it threw me off.”

In regards to his Breakfast Club appearance, Birdman says that he did come to the Power 105.1 show with an agenda to confront Charlamagne Tha God.

“I felt it was time for me to go sit down and see this man,” he says. “I think for a few years he been just slandering my name, just playing with my name and not respecking me. To me as a man, it was deeper than music to me. So I just wanted to go up there and see what’s happening. Pug some respeck on my name.”

He says that at the end of the day, he isn’t fazed by criticism. He says that he has a bigger responsibility than most people, including Charlamagne and that’s why he thinks he deserves proper credit.

“I really don’t try to get caught up into how a person feel about me or what they think about me ’cause life still goes on man,” he says. “I lost a lot at a young age, so how a mothafucka feel about me don’t move me. I still get up every morning, go to work and I feed a lot of people in this game. I did a lot for this game, for Hip Hop. You understand me? You might have an individual with a job like him with feeding one, two, maybe three or maybe a few households. I feed thousands of people in this game. I go and sign youngsters and turn ’em into millionaires and that trickles down into feeding a lot of people. I been doing this for years. I am probably done sold more records than any company ever since Hip Hop started. So I can understand a man with his opinion and that’s respectable. I just feel when you’re going off the record and saying taunting shit for years, then I feel to believe as a man, I’ma make sure that man respects me as a man. There’s no other way about that.”

Watch the full interview of Birdman discussing Lil Wayne, Cash Money, Rick Ross and The Breakfast Club below: