Bow Wow called out for using another Instagram users photo as his own.

In yet another instance of Instagram flexin’ gone wrong, Instagram user, Timothy Sykes claims that rapper-turned-actor, Bow Wow attempted to pass his photo off as his own.

In the photo, several stacks of money can be seen laid out on top of a mattress. Bow Wow left the following caption for his photo of the money: “Liquid cash…. **** a net worth!”



In an Instagram picture comparing his photo and Bow Wow’s, which are both identical minus filter changes, Sykes called out the entertainer over the photo.

“Another musician @shadmoss is using my cash photos, c’mon Bow Wow, don’t post in black & white, at least use my original photo in all its glory or better yet, go signup at so I can teach you how to make it yourself so you don’t have to reuse anyone else’s photo, you can be my next millionaire student id you’re dedicated!,” Sykes wrote.

Bow Wow has since fired back at Sykes in several Instagram posts of his own.



“I could really turn up on the gram… Lawd knooows im trying to be humble…,” Bow Wow wrote in the caption to a photo that shows him with what appears to be at least $30,000 on his lap.

The social media back-and-forth between Bow Wow and Timothy Sykes, can be found below.

Liquid cash…. **** a net worth!

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