Houston, Texas – Kendrick Lamar made an appearance on the TBS Final Four pre-game show yesterday (April 2). He spoke with Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Clark Kellogg before the Villanova-Oklahoma matchup.

During the exchange he dished on his basketball skills, with a rating out of ten.

“I’m decent,” Kendrick Lamar says in the video. “Centennial High School, Compton…I’m a be honest 8.5.”

Lamar was confident that he could beat Kevin Hart in a matchup.

Lamar gave a critique to a clip of Charles Barkley singing “One Shining Moment” a track used as a theme for the NCAA basketball tournament.

“The melodies is off but the attitude is right,” Kendrick Lamar says.

Kendrick Lamar then gave his opinion of a freestyle Ernie Johnson had done with Nicki Minaj.

“The attitude was good but the lyrics were a little nursery rhyme,” Lamar says.

Lamar discussed what it takes to win in the studio and on the hardwood.

“When you in that studio and that vibe, no distractions, you have to completely zero in,” Kendrick Lamar says. “Phones off, bad energy in the studio kick them out. You have to be one hundred percent dedicated period and that’s what it takes to win in general.”

Lamar was in Houston performing for the March Madness Music Festival.

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