Kanye West accepted a ride from the paparazzi while he was leaving the gym today (March 15) in Los Angeles.

“I’ll give you a ride wherever you need to go,” a paparazzo can be heard saying in a video posted to Twitter.

“Ok, yeah I’ll ride with you then,” Kanye West says in the video. “I don’t need Uber anymore. I’ll just have the paps take me where I want to go.”

Kanye West, clad in a camouflage jacket, then tells someone on the phone that he did not need to wait for an Uber because “the paps” were taking him.

“Do you like that term the paps?” Kanye asks his driver.

“I don’t care what they call me,” the paparazzo says. They’re not paying me.”

Yeezy proceeds to enter the front seat of the black SUV. As they start to ride he asks the cameraman to stop rolling.

“Hold on I need to get on the phone can you stop for a second,” Kanye says and the cameraman obliges.

As Kanye West exits the vehicle the paparazzi can be heard thanking him for the interview.

“Good to see you bro,” Kanye says.

As Kanye West walks into the streets of Santa Monica, California he hugs a baseball cap wearing acquaintance.

“You see the paps dropped me off,” Kanye says.

Before Kanye walks off into the distance he utters one more message to his fans.

“I Love you,” Kanye West says. “Let’s make the world a better place.”

Fresh off his latest release The Life of Pablo Kanye West’s relationship with the paparazzi has appeared to have eased. Just a few years removed from his airport scuffle with a paparazzo, Kanye was recently caught breaking up a fight amongst “the paps.”

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