Los Angeles, CA – It’s funny to think that journalists (or now bloggers or personalities) have been around for centuries, yet one hasn’t been President yet. Sure, running for public office is far from cheap and tons of back room haggling is part of our political process. But literally the bulk of what most journalists do each day is ask a range of people a range of questions. When you ask a lot of questions, you get a lot of answers and gain a lot of data, enough data to turn into (hopefully) useful information. Modern media lives off all kinds of conversations, even if the most contentious seem to be the ones that most often go viral. There are plenty of life gems that go under-noticed and under-appreciated. The same with the music. Perspective is everywhere. We just have to be open enough to embrace it. That’s what this new column series is about.

Included below are five quotes from different songs or conversations that lingered with us throughout the week. We’ll release a new list every Wednesday. Click the image if you’d like a deeper dive. Hopefully you’ll take away something positive from the peruse.

If you’d like to contribute motivational suggestions for future editions, simply hit us on Twitter. Here’s to trying something new.

Big boy motivational Quote


Boosie motivational Quote


Borther Ali motivational Quote