Styles P knows the pain of losing someone to suicide. His daughter committed suicide last year and he shared his experience mourning her death in an Instagram post.

The issue of suicide was brought up recently when Troy Ave dissed Joey Bada$$ and the late Pro Era member Capital Steez, who committed suicide in 2012, on “Bad A$$.” In the song, he says that Capital Steez is burning in Hell. Troy Ave then went on Sway in the Morning to further explain his stance on suicide.

“You commit suicide, you’re a buster,” the Major Without a Deal rapper says. “There’s no way to celebrate that. We’re not gonna make you into a martyr or nothing. He jumped off a roof like a bozo and a dickhead.”

Styles P took to Twitter to decry Troy Ave’s comments about losing a loved one when they take their own life.

“When you have no sensitivity towards others pain that ain’t being gangster that being a fukn creep ….” The LOX rapper says in a series of posts. “Don’t let the image you trying to portray make you a asshole. I ain’t talking about his dis track I’m talking about the way he spoke on people who committed suicide on sway. Shit happens in records and u even entitled to feel whoever does that goes to hell because religion I get it but don’t insult those who did. I actually really like Hovain and Troy ave a lot love the movement work ethic and believes he reps ny I want 2 see him win but that hurt.”

Styles P then came back to the site a few minutes later to apologize for taking the issue to social media and not talking to Troy Ave directly.

“As a Og being that I actually speak to Troy I should have never addressed it on a site I’m man enough 2 admit that he is the younger one,” the 41-year-old says. “Suicide is a sensitive topic so I reacted off of emotion but hopefully he has a better understanding of the sensitivity of the situation.”

He seemingly had a conversation with Noreaga about his comments and tagged him and Troy Ave.

@Nore thx bro love @TroyAve I’m going 2 man up n apologize 4 calling u a name n out your name on a site I’m the Og n was wrong 4 that,” he says.

Troy Ave responds saying he respects the rapper and understands his position.

@therealstylesp @nore I respect it OG,” he says. “U been a supporter but I know suicide is a touchy situation and hits close to home.”

He then apologizes to any of his fans that he offended with his statements about suicide.

“matter fact if any of MY fans was offended by me saying ALL people who commit suicide was bozo’s my bad I’d neva purposely diss my #RealOnes,” he says, but says he still stands by his comments in the song and reposts the link. “it’s still #RealVsFake tho and I still stand by every FACT on this record #Tweet Sumn else Ima get more SAVAGE -“

View Styles P and Troy Ave’s tweets and listen to Troy Ave’s Sway interview below:

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