During a newly-released interview with Jen DeLeon, rapper Snoop Dogg touched on finding peace, blocking out negativity, and more.

When specifically asked about the one life lesson he’d want fans to take away from him, the Long Beach lyricist revealed that it’s “to find peace within yourself.” He further elaborated on his answer, explaining that when positive energy is put out by a person, it’s usually reflected back.

“My message would just to be find peace within yourself,” Snoop Dogg said. “Cause once you find peace within yourself, the energy that you get is usually reflected. And people get that energy off of you. And that’s what I’ve been able to find. From being on the negative energy side as a young artist to a grown man that projects positive and peaceful music. But it still has the energy of the young spirit, so it’s all within the same realm, but it’s just finding yourself and being able to be within yourself and at peace. So, that way you can project peace.”

In regards to negativity from the media and other sources, Snoop explained that it comes with price of fame. According to the rapper, he was willing to deal with the negativity in order to be successful in his career.

“Just being able to face it,” he said, when asked how he deals with negativity. “And to be able to go deal with adversity. And know that everyone and every time success is involved, there has to be adversity and sacrifices. That’s the part of success that you have to go through. And I was willing to make that challenge and willing to step up to that challenge.”