While offering his thoughts on a lyric from his “Bars” record, New Jersey rapper Redman spoke on what the 90s have done for Hip Hop.

According to Redman, who rapped “I’m a 90s nigga so of course I think my era the best,” the 90s was the most pivotal era in Hip Hop. During his “Verse Behavior” segment, he referred to that era as the “middle kid” of Hip Hop, before speaking on the impact those in the 90s had on Hip Hop commercially.

He says they were the ones responsible for making Hip Hop as commercially viable as it is today.

“I think the 90s era is the most pivotal era of this Hip Hop culture…We the middle babies,” Redman said. “You got the eras before us and you got the era now. So, where does that leave us? In the middle. And everybody knows that middle kid is always fuckin’ spoiled. And always think he the best. And the 90s era was—I don’t know. It was the era where we was branching Hip Hop over to the commercial scene. When we had it it was large. We elevated that bitch…All the heavy hitter commercials. All the heavy hitter brand names. And they started adding elements of Hip Hop to be the cool guys on the block with they brand. So, we kind of—Our era brought that over to make it, I would say a universal language.”

In addition to speaking on Hip Hop’s impact commercially, Redman also revealed that the genre helped other cultures better understand our culture.

“I can say that our era helped other cultures understand what our culture was about through Hip Hop at that time. I think our era’s the best and that’s just what it is,” he said.

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