The rumor popped up months ago: Nas paid $2 million for a Neptunes beat after winning a bidding war with Diddy.

It didn’t seem very likely, as not only was it hard to imagine Nas out-spending the notoriously frivolous and stinking rich Sean Combs, but it is just a crazy price for a beat. Yeah, The Neptunes charge a grip for their Midas touch, but c’mon…$2 mill?

So Nas does an interview with MTV recently, and they ask him about the alleged double platinum beat.

Nas said, “Nah. That’s very untrue. I don’t know where that came from.”

Okay, fair enough. That is that.

Not quite. Pharrell was recently on Power 106 talking about his upcoming album and was asked about the same rumor.

Pharrell said “it was two million, and um…no comment.” He continues on to say “and actually, Can I Have It Like That was actually for Puff and there was a couple of guys kinda fightin’ over it.”

Oooookay, the mystery continues.