During an interview with Wiretapped’s Sharon Carpenter, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash touched on a variety of topics including his relationship with Jay Z, future endeavors with Kanye West, past financial mistakes, and more.

Although Jay Z and Dame were pictured together at a birthday party for a mutual friend back in 2013, he revealed that he’s not sure if there ever was a friendship between him and Jay.

He went on to explain that if they were in fact friends, Jay Z would have let him have Roc-A-Fella Records.

“Roc-A-Fella was always available for me,” Damon Dash said. “But Jay made a point that I shouldn’t have it. And I was thinking at the time, it must have been because he wanted it. But it couldn’t have been cause there’s no Roc-A-Fella no more. So, what was the purpose of it? So, I never really understood if Jay was ever really my friend. Like why he would do that to his man, pause. And he said it was business, but I didn’t see the business in it. Cause there’s no business in Roc-A-Fella anymore…I really thought we was friends. But I guess I got gaffled.”

As far as his relationship with Kanye West, Dame says they’re on good terms and have plans to collaborate on a horror movie.

“We’re gonna do a horror flick,” he said. “He doesn’t like to do this announcing and all this stuff. But when he’s inspired, he can work with me anytime and in any way he wants as it relates to the movies. Fashion is a 24/7 thing. And he’s all in it. So, I feel like he’s more focused on that right now. And I’m more focused on what I’m doing. So, we’ll meet and have a common ground at some point. And we’ll come back and do something together.”

Dame’s past tax situation was again a topic of conversation recently when he was featured on the “New York State Delinquent Taxpayers Top 250 Individual” list as owing a little over $2 million. He attributed his delinquency to his former accountant, Barry Klarberg.

“Again, I’m a businessman,” Dame said. “The most fucked up shit about that is—And I’mma take the blame for this tax situation. But Barry Klarberg was my accountant at the time. I was paying him $250,000 a year. And he told me he paid my taxes. And then when it came around it was like ‘You didn’t pay your taxes.’ And he quit. So, it just left me stuck. I had a lawsuit against him, but he had already sold the company.”

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