In an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dame Dash discusses how Hip Hop forces artists to fake their wealth as a marketing tool.

“Some people, part of their marketing is that they have a lot,” Dame Dash says. “At Roc-A-Fella, that was our marketing. A lot of flash, not as much cash. So at Roc-A-Fella, we would pretend we had more than we had.”

With the news of 50 Cent’s bankruptcy, Dame explains how someone such as 50 Cent can appear wealthy and still not have as much money as they portray.

“Some people use being a business man as a marketing plan,” Dame says. “It’s an aspirational thing to be. That’s almost anyone that’s promoting that they’re a businessman, usually isn’t. It usually means they’re selling their celebrity. Selling your celebrity doesn’t make you good at monetizing yourself. But it don’t make you a good business man. You know how as an entertainer how to look like a businessman then make money from that perception.”

Dame then goes on to explain that 50 Cent and Jay-Z have used the idea of being wealthy businessmen to make more money.

Dame names business differences as the reason why he and Jay-Z could not continue to work together. “The perception of a boss, the perception of a business man is what a lot of people use to make more money,” he says.

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