50 Cent was ordered by a jury yesterday (July 24) to pay an additional $2 million to Lastonia Leviston for posting a sex tape of her online, according to Daily News.

“I’ve been served justice by the courts and vindicated by God,” Leviston said after the jury delivered its findings to the court.

50 Cent reportedly did not attend the hearing.

“Our client intends to file post-verdict, pre-judgment motions which we believe should reduce the size of the award,” 50 Cent’s lawyer James Renard said today.

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50 Cent asked for a mistrial yesterday (July 20) in the lawsuit regarding a sex tape he published, Page Six reports.

50’s lawyer says that the rapper has become a victim because of media coverage of the trial, which could influence the jurors.

The judge denied the request and the trial will proceed.

50 is scheduled to testify about his net worth today (July 21).

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Lastonia Leviston was told by a federal judge yesterday (July 17) that she is allowed to proceed with her lawsuit despite 50 Cent filing for bankruptcy, according to the Hartford Courant.

Leviston, who has a child with Rick Ross, is seeking punitive damages on top of the already $5 million that 50 Cent owes for posting a sex tape of her.

50 Cent filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday (July 13), which is when the jury was supposed to review the lawsuit for punitive damages. The rapper’s filing stopped the proceeding.

50 said to HipHopDX that he is “fine” and filed for bankruptcy “so I’m not taken advantage of.”

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