This week, Stitches and The Game went at it via Instagram after the former called out the Compton, California rapper over his gang ties. Elsewhere, Bobby Shmurda’s trial date got pushed back to February 22, 2016 and lastly, 50 Cent once again mocked Puff Daddy over his association and involvement with rival vodka brand, CÎROC.

Stiches & The Game Trade Jabs Over Instagram

Miami, Florida rapper Stitches took aim at The Game earlier this week by questioning the Compton rapper’s gang ties. Throughout his career, The Game has been open and public about his affiliation with the Blood gang.

“Man, I know Bloods and Crips in Compton and they all say you a bitch-ass nigga, bruh,” Stitches says in a video posted to Instagram. “Except only thing with me is, I’m affiliated with them. I ain’t a Blood or a Crip, nigga. It’s TMI Gang or nothing, pussy-nigga. When you got the balls to come see me, put a hundred thou on it.”

Stitches later posted a series of images that featured alleged direct messages between The Game and himself.

The Game subsequently replied via Instagram claiming that the aforementioned direct messages were fake.

“Number one, I ain’t sent your faggot-ass no motherfucking DM,” The Game says in the video. “Number two, any nigga name that rhyme with ‘bitches,’ ain’t nobody fucking with you, nigga. You lame, your music wack, nigga, and I will put hands on you, nigga. I ain’t sent you no message. You a fucking fan, nigga.”

The Game continued his message in the aforementioned Instagram post’s caption field.

“To whatever lame mothafucka it concern: creating fake DM’s pretending to be talkin to me…. That’s hoe shit, When will these bitch niggas learn ?” The Game writes. “You begged to get in my section tryna get a picture in Miami & I said ‘fuck that weird looking ass nigga to yo face’…. You got sad Game ain’t wanna take a picture wit yo sucka ass, now you on social media posting guns ??? The nigga that paint his nails & wear Girl Scout skirts more of a threat than you….. Betta be easy outchea bitch…. Niggas you think is yo niggas is MY NIGGAS….. These days niggas kill they self, you ain’t even gotta do nothing.”

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Bobby Shmurda Denied Bail; Rapper Gets New Trial Date

Bobby Shmurda was set to start his trial earlier this week (October 5) following his December 2014 arrest on weapons and murder charges. However, his trial has now reportedly been pushed back to February 22, 2016.

Shmurda’s new lawyer, Alex Spiro, asked for his client to be released but Judge James Burke denied the request.

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50 Cent Clowns Puff Daddy

50 Cent once again took a jab at Puff Daddy over his stake and involvement with CÎROC, a rival liquor company to the 50 Cent-endorsed vodka brand, EFFEN.

The G-Unit frontman uploaded a video to Instagram that showed a line of people waiting outside a liquor store to meet him.

“You know they don’t do that for Puffy,” 50 Cent said in the clip.

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