Ja Rule participated in Complex’s Hot One series, in which artists eat hot wings while answering questions. In his interview, the Murder Inc. rapper is asked to share an adventure he’s had with DMX.

Ja Rule chooses a time when he was in Miami with the Yonkers, New York rapper when they were both at the height of their careers.

“Me and X are hot as firecrackers out there,” he says. “X is in front of the hotel and he’s got this fucking Benz. He’s like, ‘Rule, where you going? C’mon. We’re gonna take a ride. Let’s go do this. Let’s do that.’ I’m like, ‘Fuck it, where did you get the car from?’ He’s like, ‘Ah, it’s my car.'”

Ja Rule gets in the car with DMX and they go driving around the city. Their joy ride is interrupted by the police.

“Typical X, he’s fucking speeding, acting crazy on the road,” he says. “Cops pull us over. Cop says, ‘License and registration.’ X goes, ‘Uh, it’s not actually my car.’ So now I’m looking at him like, ‘Hold the fuck up. What’s about to happen here?’ Come to find out he stole the car from Michael Kyser. It was Kyser’s car that worked for Def Jam. He explains this to the cop. Cop says, ‘Alright, it’s your label guy’s car. Whatever, you took it. You guys, you don’t have a license, you guys won’t be going anywhere else in this car. So call somebody to come help you, whatever.’ X is like, ‘Fuck it don’t worry about it.’ He jumps out the car.”

Ja Rule says that DMX then proceeded to stick his thumb out and start hitchhiking.

“I’m like, ‘Yo, this can’t be life,'” he says. “So some chick sees Ja Rule, DMX on the side of the fucking road like this with their thumbs out waving cars down and shit. She picks us up. She’s hysterical. She takes us to her fucking grandmother’s house in the hood. The whole hood comes out. Grandma’s cooking us food. We’re taking pictures with all the kids.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ja Rule details the music that he is working on.

“New album in the works,” he says. “Working on Genius Loves Company right now. Probably come early next year.”

He is also preparing to tour with frequent collaborator Ashanti. He says the duo is planning to record a project as well.

“There will be an EP to go along with that,” he says. “Me and her duet album, EP, very dope.”

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