After performing a set at Def Jam’s 30th Anniversary Concert in Brooklyn last week, Ja Rule spoke with MTV about his career and collaborations with Jay Z and DMX. Recalling early plans to record a group album under the Murder Inc. group moniker, Ja Rule admitted that there is likely unreleased material from that recording period.     

“We tried to deliver that album,” he said of working alongside Jay Z and DMX. “It was a situation where egos all just played a part in its demise. We couldn’t get X and Jay in the same room, from long ago, their storied battle on the pool table, guns out and all of that.

“That carried over into our careers and we was all trying to do our thing separately and it carried over,” he added. “It was hard to get all of us into a room to do what we needed to do.”

Referring to songs like 1995’s “Time to Build” on Mic Geronimo’s debut The Natural, Ja Rule said the tracks the trio collaborated on “will always be classics.” The three emcees also appeared together on the cover of XXL’s ninth issue in June of 1999. 

“We did a few records together and those records will always be classics to a lot of people in the history of Hip Hop,” he said. “I wish that album would’ve came to fruition, it would’ve been real dope,” he said. “I think there might be one—one or two joints that’s still out there that you haven’t heard.”

As for who would have the tracks stashed away, Ja Rule said, “Gotti got’em.”

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Separately, Ja Rule addressed his upcoming reality show to air on MTV called Follow The Rules.

“Man, it’s a fun show, family oriented show,” he said. “I parent a little bit differently but I don’t think it’s too different from what’s going on in society today. A lot of people grew up on Hip Hop and the beautiful thing about Hip Hop is I’m a Hip Hop dad, my kids listen to Hip Hop. It just keeps growing and growing. The generations are closing the gap on music and culture and all these different things.”

In early September, MTV announced that Follow The Rules will chronicle Ja Rule’s family and household which includes his wife and children and both of the couple’s mothers. Ja Rule has two teenage sons and a daughter in college.

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