While appearing on ESPN’s “First Take” this week, Brooklyn, New York rapper Fabolous was asked about the absence of artists like Public Enemy and LL Cool J from the roster of artists for the upcoming Def Jam Recordings 30th Anniversary Concert.

Fab didn’t specifically address the absence of Def Jam’s early artists, but did state that the concert is “a fusion” of artists both past and present.

“Well, I think it’s a mixture of some of the guys from the past and some of the guys that are there now,” Fabolous said in a video posted on XXLMag.com. “So, it’s like me, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz. And then it’s some of the past Def Jam artists like Foxy Brown, Method Man, and Redman. So, it’s a fusion of both. So, I think all together it should be a dope show for everybody.”

In addition to Fabolous, the artists currently scheduled to perform at the anniversary concert are DMX, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Foxy Brown, Jhene Aiko, Onyx, Method Man, and Redman.

Another artist who recently addressed the lineup for the Def Jam 30th Anniversary Concert was LL Cool J. According to TheUrbanDaily.com, the former Def Jam artist laughed off claims that he was upset about not being asked to take part in the concert.

“Hurt my feelings? Nah, if I didn’t own my catalogue, maybe it would hurt my feelings… but we’ll see what happens. You never know,” LL said, according to TheUrbanDaily.com.

After addressing the Def Jam Recordings 30th Anniversary Concert, Fabolous then talked sports during his “First Take” appearance, specifically the Dallas Cowboys. The New York City lyricist gave credit to the team for looking “a little more consistent” this year.

Fab also recalled being a New York Giants fan by “default” and a low-key fan of the San Francisco 49ers.

“I feel like they finally gelling a little bit,” he said. “It took them a couple years, but I think they’re playing well and it’s starting to look a little more consistent. That’s what I think Dallas’ problem was in the past. Especially Romo. People questioning his consistency. And I think he’s stepping up right now…I don’t think I was raised to hate ‘em. But they were in the same division and same—They always was like a Giants’ nemesis kind of [thing]. You never really could like them. I respected them. And I respected the Aikman, Emmitt Smith era.”

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