During an interview with Vlad TV, Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule spoke on the two years he spent in prison. According to the musician, who was released from prison last year, his time spent in prison consisted of stays in a variety of places including general population, solitary confinement, and involuntary protective custody (IPC).

He says he was stripped of his freedom while in prison, but did gain respect from those who had a set perception of the rapper based off of what they had seen and heard in the media.

“That’s the biggest thing,” Ja Rule said. “They strip you of your freedom. They strip you down of who you are. So, yeah I’m in jail and I’m Ja Rule. I’m the most famous nigga in the prison. Everybody knows who I am and all of that bullshit. But I’m one of y’all right now. I’m no better than y’all. I’m the same dude. I’m just another number. And that’s how I did my bid. I did my bid amongst the people…The Feds don’t move that way. The Feds are very different. The Feds they put you in the hole. So, you’re in the hole. You’re in like solitary confinement by yourself. So, I’m like ‘Hold the fuck up.’ I’m like ‘Yo, I didn’t—The hole is for niggas who’ve done wrong. Who’ve done something to get them here.’ That’s a place that’ll drive you fuckin crazy. 23-and-1 lockdown. Nah, put me in population or with everybody else. Where I can enjoy—Not enjoy, but I can make phone calls throughout the day. I can have rec. Have a conversation…A new respect was even formed from niggas.”

In regards to his financial situation, the rappers says he’s “good” and even hopes to one day make it onto one of Forbes’ non-Hip Hop lists.

“I’m not on Instagram bragging and showing my crib,” he said. “And showing my cars. And showing my jewelry. I don’t give a fuck about that shit. I’m in a different headspace right now. You know where I’m at right now? How can I break in to become one of these Fortune 500 dudes? How can I topple the Forbes list on some other shit? Not—I don’t even wanna be on the Hip Hop Forbes list. I wanna be on the Forbes list. I’m tryna figure out what’s gonna get me to that point. Because everything else is mute. I’m doing well for myself. That’s all people need to know. I’m fine. I’m good. My family’s good. Everybody’s good. I’m enjoying my life. I’m good…I know a bunch of mothaufuckas running around with money up they ears and all that crazy shit. They ain’t got no money, man. So, I don’t—None of that shit means nothing to me.”

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