DMX may have a second career as a member of the clergy.

On Tuesday (April 7) a video of the former Ruff Ryders rapper preaching at an airport surfaced online.

Within the fuzzy footage, X goes through a sermon in front of a few listeners and appears visibly passionate about his message.

“God reveals so many things to me, but sometimes I don’t want to see them,” X says at one point during the video.

X chants “Amen” midway through the visual and the crowd responds back “Amen.”

“God is the only one that can take a bad situation have it become a good situation without even changing the situation,” X says. “God don’t make mistakes. Perfection is within you, if you have God in your heart. We are all perfectly us because God don’t make mistakes.”

X tells the crowd that has formed that he’s a Deacon. “When I become a minister, when I step into the pulpit, there ain’t gon’ be no bullshit and I can say that because a word only means what we want it to mean,” he says.

In 2012, X was ordained as a deacon at a church he used to attend called Morning Star. “I would like my first sermon to be there or in Yonkers,” he said that year to Global Grind. “The biggest step is not in the studying, reading, but the warning to change the way you live.”

Before DMX finishes his sermon, he states his dedication to Jesus.

“I’ll stomp a nigga out in the name of Jesus,” X says, “because right now, God needs warriors.”

On Monday (April 6) DMX was accused of robbing a man at a Newark, New Jersey gas station at gun point. X’s lawyer later rebuked the claims, saying the allegations are “completely absurd” and that “anyone who believes it makes no sense at all.”

Check out the video below:

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