During an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle, Snoop Dogg spoke in-depth on his current relationship with Suge Knight, and how he feels about the situation the former Death Row Records owner has found himself in.

The Long Beach, California rapper revealed that he does feel sorry for Suge, partially due to the fact that the two made amends recently. He went on to explain that he’s “always had an open heart for” Suge due to what he’s done for him in the past and vice versa.

“I do,” Snoop said when asked if he feels sorry for Suge. “And that’s why I feel sorry for him. Because I made up with him. And me and him, we got on a great page before this nonsense started happening. Cause I played the role of being the big man. I don’t ever kick a man when he down. And I always look forward to building a relationship with somebody who I had a relationship with. And I feel like a lot of times it just be misunderstandings. And it be people in the entourage. As opposed to the two people really hating each other. I never hated him and he never really hated me. How could you hate me when I made you $100 million? And how can I hate you when you helped me build a team to beat my murder case…That’s why I’ve always had an open heart for him.”

Although Snoop did applaud actor Keith Stanfield for his work portraying him in the upcoming N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, he says he initially approached fellow lyricist Nipsey Hussle about taking on the role.

According to Snoop, who just released his Bush album, Nipsey turned down the role because he wanted to avoid being in his shadows.

“He dope. It’s hard to be me. It’s hard to be me, but he did a great job,” the rapper said. “He did a great job. I felt the emotion of Snoop Dogg. If not so much the look. I would have preferred Nipsey Hussle for the look. But Nipsey wanted to—he wanted to do his own thing, which I respect that. He don’t wanna be in my shadows as far as being so much associated with Snoop Dogg. And he’s doing a great job of creating his own lane right now, so I respect him for that. I tried to holler at him though…I feel him cause I’m like, I’m the same kind of way. Like ‘I don’t wanna be up under your shadow forever. I wanna be able to say that I’m just as big as you if not bigger than you.’ And that’s the spirit that we push on the West. We strive to be better than.”

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