Among the topics discussed during Dr. Dre’s appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood this week was the upcoming biopic, Straight Outta Compton. In regards to what he hopes fans will take away from the film, the producer revealed that he wants fans to watch Straight Outta Compton and leave inspired.

Dr. Dre later stated that he wants the film to also shoot down any misconceptions on N.W.A. and how they felt about women.

“I hope they can be inspired,” Dr. Dre said. “That was the main word that we used when we went into this. We wanted it to be inspirational. We want to show just the ultimate brotherhood. It has everything. And what we really wanted to get across—One of the things was how we feel about women. Because there’s a big misconception. How much we respect our women. So, these are some of the things that we wanted to come across.”

Dre’s comments on the misconception on N.W.A and women, comes days after his former girlfriend, Michel’le stated that she suffered five black eyes and a cracked rib at the hands of the producer, during her interview with The Breakfast Club.

In regards to fans of N.W.A discovering anything new about the group thanks to the film, Dre chose not to reveal any spoilers, but did reveal that Straight Outta Compton will focus on “the heart of the guys.”

“We want to show the heart of the guys,” he said. “The heart of the guys and everything we went through during the creation of the record. And everything we went through before the demise of the group…It was never in my head. I didn’t even want to do the movie at first. You know what I mean? Like I said, I thought it would put a blemish on our legacy. So, once we got in it it started feeling good. I was on the set everyday making sure things were—Not babysitting, but making sure I agreed with everything that was happening.”

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