Nearly one year after Joe Budden battled Hollow Da Don at Total Slaughter , his Slaughterhouse comrade, KXNG Crooked is responding to a challenge from battle rap legend Loaded Lux with a simple answer.

“One million,” he told VladTV, alluding to his fee requirement. “One million. Yeah. Other than that I’m gonna stay doing what I’m doing.”

He later added, “Give me a million dollars we can rock and roll. I’ll see if Em can be in attendance.”

Speaking about his own personal history with battling, Crooked explained coming up in a different era than the currently-prevailing style.

“Not the type of battling that goes on today where it’s all about who can crack the most jokes but who has the most notorious lines to verbally dismantle somebody and pull their fucking spine through their fucking throat and swing that bitch around in the air,” he said of his battle experience. “That’s what kind of battling we did when I was coming up at Leimert Park, Project Blowed, and at the Good Cafe. ”

Crook also described his time on the battle circuit as a sort of necessary evil as a rapper.

“It wasn’t something that I enjoyed doing it was just something like, ‘You know what, this motherfucker thinks he can rap better than me. So I’ma show him,'” he said. “That was just what it was.

“As far as the Loaded Lux, I like how he broke it down,” KXNG Crooked added before addressing his current career moves. “His wordplay is retarded, no disrespect to the mentally handicapped. He’s ridiculous with the wordplay. He’s top tier. It’s flattering that somebody like that wants to battle. I’m doing One Shot, a Hip Hop competition, a Hip Hop reality show. Sway is hosting. I’m going through eight different cities looking for the next rap star, I’m an Executive Producer, I created that show. Then we have the Horseshoe Gang which is my group, I’m trying to help them get off the ground in an era that people don’t even respect lyricism from underground groups no more. So, that’s a challenge. Then I got C.O.B. I got the merchandise. I got the Slaughterhouse thing. I got my solo shit. It’s just all this shit I got going on. If they want me to slow my world down and get on the main stage and really just go at somebody they need to just give me a million. If it’s not worth a million then quit talking about it.”

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