Yae Yae Jordan, a member of Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef’s Glo Gang, was charged with murder this month.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Yae Yae, real name Cordell Jones, was involved in a nightclub shooting, which left one person dead and several others injured. Prior to turning himself in last week, Yae Yae was on the run from authorities following the shooting in September. 

Before turning himself in, the Detroit, Michigan rapper recorded a nearly 15-second long video proclaiming his innocence.

“ATF outside, nigga. They got me. I’m innocent, nigga. I ain’t do shit. Fuck it. I’mma take it like a man. Here I come, nigga. Hold me down, nigga, for real. Yae Yae I love yall,” Yae Yae said in the video.

In addition to being a member of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang, Yae Yae was also a longtime Doughboyz Cashout affiliate. The 18-year-old rapper reportedly signed to Glo Gang in July of this year.

Control Detroit reports that prior to this month’s arrest, Yae Yae previously faced murder charges, but was found not guilty.

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