Weeks after Miami, Florida rapper Rick Ross questioned his status on Forbes’ annual Hip Hop Cash Kings list, the Maybach Music Group founder revealed that he could possibly become a billionaire, during his interview with Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez.

Ross went on to explain that seeing his team succeed was his primary goal and shared that “anything” is possible with a solid team.

“I could,” Rick Ross said when asked if he’ll be a billionaire one day. “Really just seeing the team shine was my goal. But we multiplied that on so many levels. As far as the team continuing to grow, we bringing other soldiers in from everywhere…We got a mean roster. And I feel anything possible. You get one ticket you most definitely get ten. You get ten, a hundred is right up the street…Once you touch a hundred it’s hard not to be aggressive.”

The Floridian emcee was later asked how he compares to Hip Hop moguls like Jay Z and Puff Daddy. He gave credit to both artists for helping him in his career, but did share his belief that he’s on “the back of they mind” competition-wise.

“As far as my peers, I absorb game,” he said. “Jay brought me to New York and signed me to Def Jam Records. Puff was one of the first dudes to show me what a real bag of money look like…I’m in the back of they mind. And that’s how it is when you a boss. When you a boss—And it’s a good thing because they know I’m 1,000. Jay know I’m 1,000 with him. Puff know I’m 1,000 with him. Stunner. And that’s why they open their doors for me at all times.”

Ross also offered an update on the currently incarcerated Meek Mill. He says the Philly rapper is “almost at the door” when it concerns his release and that upon being released will be met by a team that’s intact and ready to go.

“When it come to the team. When it come to the family I’mma run into a burning building for them,” Ross said in a video posted on HotNewHipHop.com. “Double M G. At the end of the day it’s all about us having to be responsible in handling our business. That’s what the team gon’ do. Meek team ready, intact when he come home. He almost at the door now. I want y’all to keep writing the lil’ homie. But it ain’t long now…When the homie come home I expect the homie to want to go in and just go on his Machiavelli…And to see the streets support him, ride with him, and rock with him the way they’ve been doing while he’s been down. You can’t help but get the feeling that when he come home it’s gon’ be something that we ain’t seen.”

Meek Mill’s sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money was initially scheduled for a September 2 release, but will now be released at a later date. Ross revealed the news in a statement released last month.

“MMG and Meek Mill have decided to release Dreams Worth More Than Money at a future date,” Rick Ross said in a statement, according to MTV. “In true MMG fashion, Meek has dedicated himself to perfecting his sophomore project and it is only right that it should be rolled out exceptionally well. MMG also wants his fans to know that Meek is doing great and he wants to hear from you.”

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