With his most recent album, Mastermind, released just months ago, Miami, Florida rapper Rick Ross may have caught some fans off guard when he revealed his plans to release yet another album before the year is up.

Ross spoke on his upcoming album, titled Hood Billionaire, during a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. While addressing the album, which is scheduled for release on November 24, the Maybach Music Group founder explained that releasing a second album this year “was just something that I wanted to do.”

“That’s how bosses do it, ya heard me? That cake so stacked up we ain’t even gotta do that,” Rick Ross said. “Then if we text Def Jam you know they’ll bring that bag…It was just something that I wanted to do when I recorded the music. If you go back and listen to my interviews speaking on Mastermind I was saying I felt like I made two albums because it was two different feelings. Mastermind was the type of album that I wanted to open up. I wanted it to have a rich feel to it…That throwback Puff feel mid-way through it. And this right here. Just certain energies. And this right here this my Geechi Liberace. This a gold ring on every finger. We holding the bottles in the sky letting the champagne run down our arm. So, it’s just that feel good record. A lot of 808s, real bass heavy. And it’s gon’ feel different to you. So, it’s gonna feel like a full year from the boss.”

Ross was also asked about his “Keep Doin’ That (Rich Bitch)” single and if he was reluctant to link up with R. Kelly for the song given the past controversy surrounding the Chicago crooner.

“My musical accruement is higher than a lot of other people, man. I’m a fan of the music, the writing skills, the creativity,” he said. “And R. Kelly has flawlessly brought us dope records. That’s just speaking on the homie previous. This record we just did is most definitely a dope record, a feel good record. You know what I’m saying? Something the chicks gon’ be able to turn up to. Let the bosses lean on the wall a little bit. And just shine for you…It was just us sitting there thinking we wanted to bring that [feeling]. So, we actually used two different mansions for different shots. And we just did it big. The homie took it to that next level. I did my thing. Shout out to the city of Atlanta from Jeezy, T.I. The list [is] just too many to name.”

The Miami emcee later commented on another album during his interview, Stalley’s Ohio. He shared that the album is slated for released on October 27 and is a release Stalley earned due to the work he put in.

“Yeah, shout out to Stalley,” Ross said. “You already know. October 27. The little homie he earned his release date. Most definitely, he was on me. And that’s what I love to see, man. When you come in the fold and you put that ground work in. You know what I mean? That’s what I love to see the most because I feel that’s what builds the longevity. But October 27 it’s going down. The homie got a real dope album. He gonna surprise a lot of y’all who—That’s not up on it. But it’s a lot of people that know about Stalley and know how dope the album is…The title is Ohio.”

Rick Ross’ interview with The Breakfast Club can be found below (via XXL).

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