Speaking with VladTV about the experience of spending time in the studio with The Notorious B.I.G., The Mafia Dons, formerly known as Junior M.A.F.I.A., shared memories of the rapper’s penchant for practical jokes.

Recalling a prank in which the first member of the group to fall asleep in the studio would get their fingers burned, Lil Cease detailed the process.

“That was one of our favorite joints, to put the matches between your fingers,” he said. “Put’em between your joints and then you light’em. Whenever you got high with Big and fell asleep, he didn’t like that. We’d roll up ten blunts, we’d mix it with some hash, some liquid hash. Roll up, smoke about five or six of those, you might just nod out. Don’t leave them hands out. We would take some matches and we would stick’em between your fingers and we would light’em. It take a minute to burn down to your skin so by that time we probably left the room, closed the door. You’d wake up by yourself, smacking fucking shit out your hand. You thinking you was that high, like, ‘What the fuck I done did?’ We lit your shit up. We’d be sitting right there with cameras and shit, taping you and shit.”

“It was no sleeping around Big period,” emcee Banger added.

“We was kids,” Lil Cease said. “That was the type of stuff we would do. That’s it. A little burn on your hand. It’d be over after you smoke another blunt.”

Breaking down another in-studio prank, Cease added, “we was just kids.”

“We’d throw [Lil] Kim’s wig on you if she got it around,” he said. “We’d dress you up. Soy sauce, powder. That shit is on video. There’s some footage out there. Go on YouTube, you’ll see that footage. It’s all over. But that was just everyday fun for us. We was just some kids. You know, you gotta think about it, Big was only 24 when he passed. But you know, we was all like 16 or 17 years old. We didn’t know how to act. They gave us a couple dollars.”

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