Speaking with HipHopDX about Lil Wayne’s impact on mainstream Hip Hop, Crooked I detailed his respect for the Young Money rapper lyricism. 

Explaining his take on Wayne’s effect on young Hip Hop listeners throughout his commercial success, Crooked I spoke about Tha Carter emcee’s penchant for “witty” one-liners.  

“I think Wayne is one of the artists who really opened that gateway, there was a time where we weren’t getting anything in the mainstream,” Crooked I said in a clip that debuted as a part of the DX Daily today (September 30). “The underground always has flourished. You got so many layers of the game: you got the underground, you got the almost-famous, you got the famous, you got the super famous. So, in the super famous realm I don’t think that those fans were getting any lyricism. I think Wayne, I credit and salute him because when he was hopping on all those joints, he had some memorable one-liners that were witty, catchy, and clever at the same time. It made people start thinking, young people. I remember talking to’em at the barbershop, they’re like, ‘Yo, he is the best rapper alive.’ That was the best that they had heard.”

Over the weekend Lil Wayne and Drake concluded their co-headlining tour in Houston, Texas. The Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour featured an accompanying app for audience members to rate which artist performed better. On the final night of the 31-date tour, Drake hinted at a possible redux and announced that the competition resulted in a tie.

“We’re tied up tonight,” Drake said. “I know there has to be a winner or they want to see a winner, but I’ve got an idea. I feel like, you put out this Carter V, I put out this Views From The 6, we do this tour again next year and we start that bitch in Houston.”

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