Recently, Wiz Khalifa, who is known for his affinity to marijuana, was asked to reveal when he believes weed will be legalized around the country.

“In the next three to five years, hopefully,” Wiz says in an interview with Columbus, Ohio’s Power 97.5

However, Wiz says that might be too long.

“Five years is pushing it,” he adds. “So, in three years, it’ll definitely be decriminalized and accepted.” 

If marijuana is legalized, Wiz Khalifa will avoid further legal troubles due to the drug. Yesterday (July 28), Wiz revealed that he has been arrested many times for weed-related charges and he’s been keeping count.

“The number is 21 right now,” he said. “Yep, 21 arrests.”

Wiz was recently arrested in Texas on drug charges. Following this May arrest, Wiz took a selfie in a cell and posted it on social media. Also in May, Wiz released his latest project, 28 Grams

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